About Us

Electric Penguin have been developing bespoke, web-based systems
since 2004.  Our specialisms include:

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  • Death by Excel...

    If you are using Excel to manage your entire business or merely important processes within it, our solutions will eliminate all of your current frustrations and allow you to focus on strategy and not data.

  • 2021 - paper forms?

    If you are still using paper based forms, please contact us and we will create mobile applications which will send data straight back to headquarters for immediate analysis and reporting.

  • ISO Standards

    Are you still maintaining a plethora of Word documents to meet ISO requirements?  Let us convert all this into a slick web-enabled system and you can forget about margins, headers and footers etc. forever!

  • Systems Integration

    In the 21st Century, the API is king...if your other business systems offer open APIs, we'll integrate with them!  Our expertise lies with Xero inetgration but we have also tied up with CRMs and other accounting packages.

Our Customers

American Golf

Originally we developed American Golf's Careers website back in 2009 but latterly we have developed and continue to support a number of in-store apps. that deliver enhanced customer experiences.  The most prominent of these is capturing the custom fit service that AG offer.

Caffè Nero / MultiTrade Plus (MTP)

We developed a powerful stock ordering and management system for Caffè Nero and one of their warehouse providers, MTP. As well as providing awareness of existing stock to Caffè Nero, it allows warehouses to manage all processes related to stock control and delivery to store.

Heyrod Communications

Although we started working with Heyrod back in 2005, our most significant work has come in the last period.  We have built a ground-up Business Management System that provides powerful customer reporting tools that really give Heyrod the edge in their sector.

Britannia MCD

Again a long standing customer, the system we originally developed has been enhanced latterly with mobile based site apps. for auditing purposes.  Together with a customer portal, we are able to deliver interactive reporting and finally do away with PDFs sent via e-mail!

Route Organisation

Route were using a plethora of Excel files which became unmanageable and prone to human error.  We developed a structured solution and the rewards were immeasurable.  Since then, we have supplemented this with sales-based mobile apps. to record progress from customer meetings.

Welman Group

Fortunately we have had the opportunity to re-build a full Aerospace design and manufacture subcontract system incoporating all the latest technology and lessons learned from a previous incarnation of a similar solution developed over a 13 year period.

Tag Systems

Our latest offering was conceived, developed and delivered remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic!  A fully featured job tracking system from sales through to invoicing and also resplendent with a site reporting phone app.  Excel and paper eliminated!

Contact Us

We are more than happy to discuss your requirements.  Please use our Zappify.co.uk Virtual Business Card.